Full Stack Web Developer

Posted 31.01.2019
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We’re hiring a full stack web developer to assure that our potential users have a delightful experience on our webshop where they get to know us, check out products and manage their subscriptions. However, as we know that eCommerce projects can be monotonous sometimes, you’ll solve the challenges of our apps with 6 other developers as well. Either on the frontend or backend side, whatever fits you more.

Basically, you’ll be the Indiana Jones/Joan that will keep a safe path through the eCommerce Jungle full of surprises and besides that joins other adventures. It never gets boring here.

The benefits we offer on top of the salary are: 

  • Work where, when and how you want as long as you have 4 hours overlap with Vienna time (CEST/UTC+1). 
  • 50 days of paid holidays (including national holidays) because we’ve learned that time off is the best source for great ideas. 
  • Three paid team retreats per year to spend an incredible time together discovering unique locations and amazing food. All costs covered.
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Posted 31.01.2019