Java developer

Posted 13.10.2021
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What do we expect:

  • At least 2 years of experience - it is not important for us to work as a freelancer or as a company.
  • An additional advantage is the knowledge of Scala, or will to learn:
  • Java - pro
  • MySQL - pro
  • Cassandra - mid

Skills bonus (not required):

  • Akka
  • Redis
  • Scala
  • Solr
  • CQRS
  • Spark

What can we offer you:

  • Full remotly work possible.
  • Implementation with Project Manager and developer team.
  • A small team, including at least one under you developer.
  • Benefits which are adapted to individual needs in view of changing national restrictions and security.
  • No upper financial ceiling - if you are good, we will pay accordingly.
  • The type of agreement depends on you.
  • Flat structure.
  • Broad growth opportunities in your chosen direction.
  • Initially fixed hours of operation. After the trial period, we offer flexible hours.
  • Frequent integrations with companies in the payment service category.
  • PC. 2 Dell 22” + pivot monitors and the freedom to choose your tools.

What will you meet with:

  • The applications that we create are based on the SOA with a loose connection of the components.
  • A network-like architecture of interconnected blocks gives us easy scaling and system expansion and pre-built code software in the system modules.
  • The platform is designed to support unlimited users
  • Most of our services are being implemented in Scala with a strong focus on functional programming.
  • We use Kafki as a streaming platform.
  • The ratio of creative to maintenance work and the bug of fixing is 50-50%.
  • The platform is supported 24 hours a day, which involves participation in on-call time.
  • Work most often in the Kanban methodology.
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Posted 13.10.2021