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Posted 22.06.2022
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What can you meet with ?:

  • with applications based on SOA architecture with a focus on loose connection of components,
  • with architecture resembling building with Lego bricks - because of this, we can easily scale and extend the system, and software within the framework of ready code in the system modules,
  • with a platform that is prepared to handle an unlimited number of users,
  • using Kafka as a streaming platform,
  • with the ratio of creative works to maintenance and bug fixing in the proportion of 60% -40%,
  • with participation in the duty hours on the platform, which is supported 24 hours a day,
  • with work most often in the Scrum methodology,
  • with several areas of payments modules, i.e. integration with new payment operators,
  • maintaining payment operators, both Fiat and KryptoKom,
  • with payments module refactoring based on the Inevnetsoric CQRS microservice architecture,
  • with the construction of an authorization module based on the latest authentication and authorization standard,
  • with integration with external operators,
  • with file data storage refactoring,
  • with the construction of the KYC module in terms of videostreaming.

Technology stack:

  • Java,
  • Spring Boot,
  • SQL,
  • NoSQL,
  • Kafka,
  • Docker,
  • CI/CD,
  • Cassandra,
  • Redis,
  • Solr,
  • MariaDB,
  • DDD.

We offer:

  • B2B contract,
  • 100% remote work,
  • flexible hours,
  • training budget,
  • MultiSport card,
  • English lessons during working hours,
  • company apartments in Europe and Poland that you can use.

Join us if:

  • you are characterized by analytical thinking,
  • you like to share your knowledge and learn new skills from others,
  • you work in a team with commitment and strive to achieve a common goal,
  • you are communicative and open to people,
  • you are interested in cryptocurrencies.
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Posted 22.06.2022