Javascript Developer (VueJS)

Posted 12.12.2018
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Company description

ILABS offers a competitive salary, paid vacation, training and development, free daily breakfast and snacks, birthday lunches, team building, and social events, plus an attractive benefits package including health, medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. We even pay for part of your gym membership or your recreational sports fee in order to promote healthy active living!

Job description

Play a direct role in the architecture and design of our frontend applications. Be responsible for code reviews, ensuring adherence to programming and documentation policies, code standards, testing, and release. Work hand in hand with our product and development teams to ensure the continuity and success of all our applications within a teal organization environment.

A Picture of Success

Success Factor 1: Within 4 months, release new Frontend App.

  • Within 1 month, Get familiar with our frontend stack (VueJS).
  • Within 2 Months: Create reusable components to build complex interfaces.
  • Within 3 Months: Implement the major modules of the application.

Success Factor 2: Within 6 Months, create apps for our Frontend App.

  • Within 5 month, Improve reporting and analytics.
  • Within 8 months, Create modular add-ons for the Frontend App
  • Within 9 months, Using Rebilly’s public API implement hosted checkout pages.

Success Factor 3: Within 12 Months, Implement 3rd party integrations

  • Gather requirements for 3rd party integrations.
  • Create shopify integration.
  • Create plugins for 3rd party apps.
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Posted 12.12.2018