JavaScript (node.js, React) Developer

Posted 16.12.2018
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Paperpile is a modern web application to manage and write academic papers. We are a small, distributed team across six countries. Our user-base is growing and so is the team around it.

As part of asmall team everything you do matters.You only work on stuff that has a direct big impact on the product and our customers.

Work from anywhere on your own schedule. tools like Slack, Clubhouse, Zeplin, and Notion to move our product forward fast.

Work with aninteresting and diverse community of academics. Our customers use Paperpile to study climate change, cancer or medieval history. You talk to them every day to understand how we can make their work more productive.

We use JavaScript across all our service: The main web-app, our Chrome extension, Google Docs and Microsoft Word plugins, server-side scripts, our iOS and Android apps (React Native), and our upcoming desktop apps (Electron)

Note: This job is fully remote but we only hire in European and Asian timezones at this time.


You will take responsibility for substantial parts of our codebase and ship new features and new products.

You work independently and write clean, re-usable and testable code.


You have experience and a deep understanding of web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, REST APIs)

You understand Javascript inside-out and are up-to-date with modern developments of the language (ES6).

You have experience with Node.js and feel home in theNode.js ecosystem(Babel, Jest, Yarn)

You have developed complex apps withReact/Redux

Excellent communication skills in an international remote team setting

More useful experience (optional):

React Native





Background in research or academia

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Posted 16.12.2018