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JavaScript / TypeScript Back-End Developer

Posted 29.12.2018
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The ARK Crew is looking for back-end/core developers who are not scared when they hear terms such as Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Finite-state machine, SHA-256, Elliptic-curve cryptography, Turing completeness, Merkle tree, Bloom filters, etc… In short, to have an understanding of cryptography and P2P networks.

To get basic understanding of the work have a look at this GitHub repository (main one) :

Required Skills:

Development: TypeScript / JavaScript ES6 (NodeJS)

Database: PostgreSQL

Cryptography: ECDSA, basic understanding of how to work with raw binary data

Networking: basic understanding of P2P networking and protocols

Tools: Git

SysAdmin: basic console magic (servers, deploying, running)

Bonus (not requirement):

Development: GoLang, C, C++

Networking : higher level of P2P protocols knowledge, pen-testing

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Posted 29.12.2018