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Lead Developer (Java)

Posted 30.11.2018
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We are seeking a passionate software engineer to facilitate Wine Lister’s next big developments. You will lead the full-stack development as the company continues to grow and evolve. In the immediate term this will include helping to define and build distinct B2B and B2C offerings. You will work directly with the CEO and other members of the team to understand and develop the business and customer requirements right through to coding and implementing solutions using the latest systems and technologies.

Roles & Responsibilities will include:

• Working with the CEO to understand the short- and long-term tech challenges and provide solutions (e.g. growing the customer base, improving SEO, improving the user experience on desktop and mobile) 

• Working with the CEO and other members of the team to understand user needs, identify user journeys, construct user stories and wireframe proposed solutions (e.g. creating an additional subscription level for advanced features and analysis) 

• Full lifecycle application development of the Wine Lister web app (planning, designing, building, testing, deploying, and maintaining the IT system) 

• Full lifecycle application development and deployment of other elements of the Wine Lister proposition (e.g. API, data matching algorithm, admin site) 

• Maintain, develop, and query the high-dimensional MySQL database as necessary to meet the strategic objectives of the company 

• Optimising and reworking the multi-criteria scoring algorithm (e.g. adding new rating criteria, improving mathematical functions based on testing such as regression analysis) 

• Maintaining and updating production and test environments in the AWS cloud (EC2 containers, RDS, S3)

Wine tasting perks included!

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Posted 30.11.2018