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Posted 21.02.2019
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At Vizibl, we’re on a mission to help every company work together, better. We want to help all companies make a difference in the world by revolutionizing the way they work together, empowering them to reach their full potential.We’re off to a great start too. Teams in some of the world’s largest enterprise companies are already collaborating with their suppliers through Vizibl and transforming the way they work to drive innovation together.We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where every company sees the benefit of working openly and collaboratively. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let’s help every company work together, better.

Are you interested in building products that challenge the status quo in the enterprise space? Do you enjoy an abundance of autonomy with just the right amount of alignment? Vizibl is looking for an experienced Front End Engineer who is passionate about building large scale web applications. This is an opportunity to drive exciting new projects that will help change the way the world’s largest companies work with each other. The position is remote and is full-time.

We’re looking for a Lead Front End Engineer to take responsibility for the overall client-side architecture of our core product Vizibl. Vizibl is a single page application with a wide scope written in Angular.js and powered by a REST API.

We’re working with some of the world’s biggest companies from pharmaceuticals to telecoms. Our unique blend of Enterprise know-how coupled with cutting edge web technologies is one of the things our customers love about us.

2019 will be a critical year for Vizibl as we transition and grow rapidly, so you’ll play a key role in migrating legacy code and processes to a sustainable position to build upon for the future. You’ll also be involved in hiring to increase the size of the team later in the year. The ideal candidate will have strong experience in the development and architecture of large web applications, as well as leadership skills and a knack for embracing new challenges. We’re keen to hear your ideas on best practices, continuous integration, testing and quality assurance. But it’s not just day-to-day upkeep – we’re still undergoing rapid feature development in a number of exciting areas. 

As a small team no-one is siloed into one discipline or technology – if you’d like to help out on the backend or build a service using a new technology, that’s something we embrace.

As this is a fully remote position we’ll be looking for strong communication skills and the ability to motivate yourself and your team to work independently.

If this sounds like your sort of challenge we’d love to hear from you.


What You’ll Need

  • Experience working with large, complex code bases. The world’s largest companies are relying on our product to transform their business and we’re looking for a person that can help us improve our ability to deliver powerful solutions to our customers at scale. We’re keen to hear from people with interesting ideas and experiences in modernizing and designing complex systems.
  • Security and compliance are critical for our multi-national client base so web application security must be your first development priority
  • Be passionate about your work. We’re searching for someone who shares our pride in building a world class product.
  • Be an excellent communicator. Communication in a distributed team is hard and it’s critical that every team member is able to communicate well remotely. English fluency is a must.
  • Self organizing. We’re a highly autonomous team. We align people around problems and let them find solutions.
  • Have an excellent understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You’ll be helping to find and train more FE engineers as the team grows so a solid understanding of the languages you’ll be helping people to use is essential.
  • Have experience optimizing web applications for performance.
  • Good understanding of best practices and agile methods
  • Experience with TDD/BDD methodologies (Jasmine, Protractor). We’re big on testing.

We’ll be impressed if

  • You have experience with building and maintaining Angular in a production environment.
  • You have experience working in an agile team
  • You have experience working in a remote team
  • You have experience managing a team or have experience hiring
  • You have experience building software with a strong focus on security
  • You’re familiar with the enterprise project management space
  • You’ve integrated with large corporate IT environments before


Some of the things you’ll enjoy as a result of joining the Vizibl team are…

  • A competitive salary – We don’t believe in paying people less because they work from home.
  • Work from home – We’re proud to be a Remote First team as we believe in investing in people, not places.
  • Flexible working hours – As a company we invest in creating a good work/life balance for all our team members. At Vizibl “Output is King”. We hire people that know how they work best and we leave them to it.
  • We get you set up – Working from home shouldn’t mean sitting at your coffee table. We provide you with an allowance to get your setup right. This includes all the essentials like Laptop and a Monitor as well as a bit extra for your specifics.
  • Options in the Company – We believe that we are building a truly unique business and we want everyone to share in our success. We offer all employees stock options in the business.
  • A well-being allowance – We top up your salary with a little extra to make sure that you’ve got things like your internet covered. We don’t prescribe what you spend the money on. Perhaps going to the gym makes you feel great and helps you work – Maybe you want to spend it all on coffee? it’s up to you!
  • Regular Social events – Even though we’re remote, we try and meet up as much as we can. We conduct monthly social events as well as team weekender every year in April.

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Posted 21.02.2019