Lead Python Programmer

Posted 07.08.2020
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Participation in the development of internal projects of the company: website, portal, accounting / data collection systems and others.


Excellent knowledge of Python 3.7, Django> = 2.0, DRF, Celery;

Good knowledge of SQL and experience with relational databases: MySql \ PostgreSQL;

Ability to write unit tests, understanding what is behind the words: Unit Test, Functional Test;

Ability to install and configure software, experience with Docker;

Experience in commercial development at least 5 years, experience in team leadership.

Desirable but optional:

Database administration / design skills for large migrations;

Experience with AWS or Google Cloud;

Experience with web services or WSDL in general;

Experience in using version control systems (in particular, Git);

Ability to adequately assess labor intensity and terms, to comply with these terms;

Ability to work independently and in a team, interact with people;

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Posted 07.08.2020