Mobile (React Native) Engineer

Posted 06.02.2019
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You'll be one of the first hires at Tasit Labs, and our hope is that you want to grow with the company in a maaaajor way.

More details on what we're building here: https://github.com/tasitlabs/readme

Our stack is all "modern" JavaScript (React, React Native, Node.js, Serverless, AWS) and blockchain (Ethereum to start).

Tasit Labs cares very much about inclusion, and we aim to hire lots of people from diverse backgrounds. Many startups say they care about inclusion, but we actually do!

Now for a few debatable but strongly held beliefs about what would make you a good fit for this role. Hopefully you: 

  • Have great communication skills 
  • Are a fast, iterative programmer 
  • Are motivated by building product 
  • Can learn things on the job (in other words, passion + intellect > experience) 
  • Value self-taught software engineers as much as those with academic CS degrees 
  • Understand blockchain fundamentals but may not know exactly how the V8 JavaScript engine works

What's up with the emphasis on communication skills? 

  • We'll have to get along, and we value clear, honest communication - and a good sense of humor. 
  • The difference between a friendly, casual error message and a technical, soulless one is everything. 
  • If you can't explain something in simple terms, you probably don't understand it very well. 
  • Communication skills are a good indicator of the ability to reason through problems. 
  • They'll also be very important when you're leading a team of engineers - being on the same page can save entire weeks here and there. 
  • On a small team, you'll wear many hats. This probably includes writing the occasional blog post or creating more job postings, and a fun tone in these with almost no typos will go a looong way. Haha which isn't to say we nailed this one, but we're trying.
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Posted 06.02.2019