Platform Engineer

Posted 26.11.2018
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The Role

Pantheon is looking for an experienced Platform Engineer to join our team, either remote or onsite at our SF or Minneapolis (on US hours.) We’re expanding an impressive and growing platform that powers hundreds of thousands of websites, millions of containerized resources, billions of monthly page views, and development tools that professional website developers use on a daily basis. 

Along the way, we’ve written tools to manage containers at scale, built a massive multi-tenant distributed file system, contributed to open source communities (WordPress, Drupal, Fedora, Chef, systemd, cURL, Sensu…) and a whole lot more.

We have a lot more growing to do though! Your expertise will help us continue to innovate and manage complexity even as we grow in size, feature depth and across datacenters.

Cool Stuff You'll Do:

  • Implementation of proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and systems at scale
  • Improved visibility into how distributed services interact and scale in production
  • Close collaboration with the wider engineering team to both deliver platform improvements and provide subject-matter-expertise for other technical initiatives

Continuous improvements to our standard of engineering excellence by implementing best practices for coding, testing, deploying and communication

What You Bring To The Table

  • Knowledge of large-scale, high traffic platforms and the design of scalable, robust services in the real world
  • An affinity for service-oriented architecture and eagerness to move amongst many codebases in multiple languages
  • Understanding of Linux containerization technology and applications
  • Experience developing software services hosted in the cloud and distributed cloud systems (Google Cloud / AWS)
  • Passion and integrity (and humor) that makes our team better as a whole

Bonus points for:

  • Experience developing software services spanning multiple data centers
  • Experience with Linux containerization technology at scale (cgroups, namespaces, Docker, rkt)
  • Experience with using (or choosing not to use!) Kubernetes, Cassandra, Fedora, systemd, Elasticsearch, Twisted Python, Redis and MariaDB
  • Polyglot chops: we code in Golang, Python, Ruby, C and Coffeescript
  • Diversity of thought and experience
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Posted 26.11.2018