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Posted 23.08.2019
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About the position

This is a full-time, salaried position as a React Developer with the opportunity to work on backend projects (Django, Python, AWS, MySQL, etc). 

This is, of course, a remote position. While we are officially based in Toronto, Canada we all work remotely (Spain, Hungary, Italy, Benin, and Canada).


  • 1+ years of React/Redux experience
  • 2+ years of CSS experience
  • Some Python/Django experience

What we’re working on now

This is a great time to join our dev team because we’ve just started to implement a redesign using an atomic design system (Sketch/Zeplin/Storybook). We are refactoring our React code and re-building components from the ground up. This means that onboarding will be pretty straightforward and you should be able to jump right in without first having to get acquainted with thousands of lines of code.

Most of the time you will have plenty of autonomy (with the rest of the team available for support). You will also have the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table (whether that’s new features or ideas on internal processes).

Our philosophy on work & productivity

Our goal for ourselves and for you is to not be overworked or stressed. While we constantly strive to improve our product and add value for our customers, we are not an agency nor do we serve corporate clients, so we have greater flexibility over our release cycle.

We evaluate our performance based on output, not input - meaning that we care more about quality work and being productive than we do about a strict 9-5 work day. Ultimately, this gives us the freedom to choose the hours we work and work when we feel the most productive (while still maintaining 35-40hrs per week). 

We have a weekly team call to socialize and check-in on the week’s tasks and we’re sure to get a few overlap hours each day so we can support each other. We use Google Meet, JIRA, and Slack to stay connected.

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Posted 23.08.2019