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React Native Developer

Posted 06.08.2019
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Building a 5* team of determined hustlers ready to step up to a big challenge. If you have passion for tech, learning and sport/fitness, then this is for you. 

You don't necessarily need years of experience, but you must motivated and passionate to put in the work.

You're not in the startup space just because it's cool and in, but because it reflects who you are.

You're someone who: 

  • Takes risks and challenges the status quo everyday. 
  • You go to sleep every night with a vision of what you want to become. 
  • You like to talk about ideas, but more-so you LOVE progress and putting in the work.


  • At least three years of experience in front-end web development 
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 
  • Practical experience with ES6, Sass/SCSS and React 
  • Knowledge of BEM methodology and experience with Node.js are a plus 
  • Familiarity with unit testing using Jest framework (or similar) would be an advantage 
  • Fast learner and enthusiast of web technology 
  • Eager to learn, persistence, analytical skills, customer- and results-oriented personality 
  • Proactive team player, conscience and quality awareness

We've worked extremely hard these past 3 years and things are now moving at a fast pace with over 1,000 customers.. investors on the horizon.. expansion.. and we need people who are looking to be the first 5-10 to join the ride, develop a fantastic product and quickly.

Lets have a chat.

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Posted 06.08.2019