React-Native / TypeScript Mobile Developer

Posted 10.03.2019
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We are a young company that's looking to add core members to our small, but growing, mobile and web development team. Zept matches international high school students to universities, and we are searching for someone who can take the lead developing our React-Native mobile apps on Android and iOS.

We're looking for a developer who has experience with:

  • React native
  • Creating mobile apps in JavaScript or TypeScript
  • Coding in React / Redux

You are:

  • enthusiastic about working for a small company
  • not afraid to take the initiative.
  • an active learner and keep up with the current best-practices in your field.

Your roles will include:

  • Architecting and implementing functionality in ReactRedux & TypeScript
  • Building a great user interface

Since a key to our success is our ability to reach international students, an understanding of social media in an international setting would be very helpful.

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Posted 10.03.2019