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Posted 21.08.2019
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Job description

We’re always looking for passionate software developers to contract with us on projects. Projects vary in terms of industry, breadth, and duration so we’re continuously looking to build a roster of people with a variety of expertise and availability. Our current preferences for a contract developer include:

  • Proven full-stack experience with React and/or React Native and JavaScript more generally
  • Ideal candidates will also have experience with TypeScript and/or GraphQL

Beyond those qualities, here’s a more general description of what you’ll do and the basic requirements for joining us under any contract:

As a Developer, you'll be contributing to the successful delivery of digital products. You articulate the objective rationale behind your coding decisions, working with your teammates to ensure those align with business and audience needs. You'll be switching between setting direction, creating software, and helping your teams constantly improve. You handle it with ease through solid time management skills, enthusiastic client services, and an inspiring attitude. You thoughtfully apply the latest tools, trends, and practices of the development alongside those that are more tried-and-true.

In your day-to-day you will:

  • Collaborate with your project team to evaluate a product experience holistically, identify next steps and deliver the individual features that make up the product
  • Objectively explain and represent your contributions and deliverables to your team and client
  • Clearly communicate with your project team to make sure they have full context of your work and that you have the same of theirs, jumping in on other tasks as needed
  • Take on various tasks, development-related or not, to support different processes and needs on your project teams
  • Collaborate directly every day with designers, developers, engagement managers, and clients


  • You are an ambitious developer
  • You don't believe in resting on your laurels and easily tackle situations of ambiguity to figure out how to keep yourself and your work moving forward.
  • You are a collaborative project contributor
  • You work together with your project team to understand, act, and deliver on next steps translated from product and client needs.
  • You are an adaptive contributor
  • You're eager to jump in on tasks to support your team as needed, with no ego or complaints.
  • You are a student of business and development practices
  • You want to constantly improve client service, business, and software development practices in yourself and your team.


  • 3+ years of software development experience (ideally w/experience in a client services or agency environment)
  • Proficiency w/Javascript (both in-browser and server-side with Node.js) and React
  • (Preferred) Experience with TypeScript and/or GraphQL
  • (Preferred) Demonstrated practice w/test-driven/behavior-driven product development
  • Strong communication, client services, and interpersonal skills
  • Fierce passion about collaboration and the way you develop software
  • Understanding of integrated development practices and experience directly collaborating with design teams

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Posted 21.08.2019