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React&Node developer

Posted 27.11.2018
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We are looking for an experienced and passionate React/Node developer.


- Possession of OOP and design patterns

- Knowledge of functional programming techniques on JS, good knowledge of the lodash library

- Techniques working with asynchronous code - Promises, async.js, async / await

- Experience with ES6, ES7

- 3+ Experience in developing commercial applications on the JS platform

- Experience and understanding of React.js, Redux.

- 6 months+ experience in developing commercial applications on React.

- Skills of profiling and debugging of code on JS, in particular code on React

- Understanding of agile development methodologies

- Good technical English.

A big plus:

- Experience with Node.js

- Experience with MongoDB. Experience with aggregations.

- Skills to optimize the performance of the React component in a large application.

- Use of TDD in development

- Spoken English.


- Freedom to choose your own full time schedule.

- The ability to work from wherever you want.

- Access to a thriving, collaborative community of talented peers.

- Extremely competitive compensation.

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Posted 27.11.2018