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Posted 05.12.2018
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Tenna is searching for a Senior Developer to lead and develop the second generation of our IoT product. The ideal candidate will be forward thinking, an excellent communicator, experienced in transformation projects, and possess a passion for the IoT revolution. You will be part of a highly collaborative development process, develop next-generation code, and join on the ground-floor of the re-architecture of the Tenna product line as we scale our platform.

Your Responsibilities:

◼ Design, develop, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable software 

◼ Work with the technology leadership to design, define and implement a scalable micro-services architecture 

◼ Work with product management to define and scope new features 

◼ Optimize existing functionality for improved response times 

◼ Collaborate with the team to design, develop, unit test, and support new features 

◼ Searching creatively for the best solution, while building for the end-user 

◼ Consistently deliver readable, maintainable and efficient code 

◼ Participate actively in Scrum meetings, sprint planning, and sprint retrospectives. 

◼ Stay informed of new tools, libraries, and best practices and sharing ideas with the team for continuous improvement of the tool-chain and development process 

◼ Support, maintain, and help document software functionality 

◼ Work with other departments, stakeholders, and customers on software development, improvements, internal tools, and implementation issues 

◼ Perform Git merges and code reviews.


◼ 8+ Years Programming Experience 

◼ Expertise in RSpec, JavaScript, React, SQL, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Git 

◼ Proficient with Amazon EC2, VPC, S3, Elasticsearch, Kinesis, and Rabbit MQ 

◼ Experience with Linux/UNIX, Docker, Heroku and Containerized App Platforms

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Posted 05.12.2018