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Posted 05.12.2018
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You’ve heard it. Our healthcare sucks. We spend the most and yet have some of the worst outcomes. Healthcare touches all our lives at one time or another, and yet it is bankrupting us. Are you willing to be part of the solution? Not just on the periphery of healthcare; but deep in the heart of healthcare. With hard medical science and real patient data; with empathy and courage. Ready Surgery is tackling one of Healthcare’s biggest problems - surgical complications. Over half of surgical complications are avoidable. Today, more lives are lost due to errors of ineptitude than errors of ignorance in medicine. What if your code can wield the power to stop this?

What we do

Ready Surgery delivers AI-enhanced risk intelligence to avoid surgical complications, one of the top reasons for our runaway healthcare costs.

The surgical workflow entails a series of clinical decisions and even a small approximation or error in one decision compounds into a bad outcome. We deploy decision science to bring rigor and a feedback loop to avoid such approximations, and to ultimately make each surgery safer. With a personalized risk identification and stratification model, we predict a patient's risk for specific complications. This model is coupled with a workflow solution that automates the mitigation of risk before surgery. With the current tailwinds of outcome-based healthcare reimbursements, the timing has been great. We are in pilot with surgeons and surgical facilities, have raised capital, have already spoken at surgical conferences and have brand-name strategic partners.

Today, Ready Surgery keeps people alive and well after surgery. It helps determine if surgery is worthwhile. But we are going for a moonshot. Our vision is to bring such rigorous risk management to all medical interventions, from chemotherapy to stem-cell injections, with the ultimate goal of ensuring thoughtful use of medical advancements.

How we do it

Purposeful. What you build matters. Save millions from unnecessary suffering. Unleash scientific evidence into clinical practices around the world. Surgeons and patients will rely on your work to make better decisions.

Productive. Choose your work style. Get creative. With a lean team and process, focus and do deep work. Measure your overhead and be ruthless until you get to radical productivity. Experience Flow.


Pliable. You intuitively get agile and iterations and pivots. But change doesn’t happen to you. You are the change. Learning is more important to you than being right. 

Personal. We care about how your job makes you feel. We care about you feeling fulfilled, energized and happy. That’s why our team strives to practice the 15 commitments of conscious leadership every single day.


Play. Work is play. We play together. We laugh together. We laugh at ourselves. Our work unfolds without unnatural effort. Fun cannot be faked; work cannot be forced.

Persevere. Share the good times and the bad times. Collaborate without blame, guilt or shame when you lose. Be curious on why and learn deliberately. Be open and honest about your weaknesses. Conquer your fears with genuine support.

Preferences. Owl or lark. Introvert or extrovert. Planner or improviser. Background music or library quiet. Be self-aware on how you do your best work and share with candor. No need to conform. Have empathy for team members and keep your freedom.

Priorities. Care less about the elevator pitch, office perks, newest frameworks, vanity metrics or the next big round. Care more about the next big medical breakthrough and which patient it can help.

Who You Are


You are an app builder or data science engineer (we need both!).

You are a hands-on builder. You know it because you have done it many times before.

You are full-stack. You have built independently up and down the stack.

You take 100% responsibility for your design decisions and your code. And your bugs. And deploying fixes. You work independently with initiative.

You have experience with architecture and full product cycle (Over 4 years, 2+ real-world products)

You love coding. You enjoy rolling up your sleeves.

You are user-focused, scrappy and humble

What You Will Do

Full-stack engineering with the opportunity to optionally choose Front-End/ Back-End specialization as we grow the team.

See our stack below:

- React & React Native 

- Node 

- Mongo 


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Posted 05.12.2018