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Senior Front End Developer

Posted 20.12.2018
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About Alice

Wealthy people have tax and financial advisors, hourly workers don’t. Alice uses software to optimize the paychecks of hourly workers—when an employer connects Alice to their payroll, their workers keep more of what they earn without anyone learning about financial products, filling out forms, or doing any math.

Tech is supposed to trickle down to help everyone but it’s not—we’re making the technology that makes life better for working people.

We’re a bright, diverse, and dedicated team solving hard problems. Our day-to-day work crosses cultures we are passionate about—venture backed-tech, government and regulators, employers, local communities. We take pride in having team members from different backgrounds because we know that each voice matters.

Join us!

What we're looking for

A front end engineer to join our team in NYC—more than just a coder, you care about what to build as well as how you build it. Our team is lean and data-driven, and we constantly iterate our feature development in a daily release-cycle.

Our mission gets you out of bed and jazzes you up. You get that working at a startup means your work bleeds outside the edges of a job title. When you’re interested you deep dive and tell your friends. You like the tension between craft and shipping. That someone is struggling through your product experience hurts your heart. Maybe you want your next job to be VP of Eng at a big startup or the CTO/co-founder of your own—you will learn how to do that here.

What you'll get to do

It’s not easy to give millions of Americans a dollar an hour raise. You’ll play a key role in helping to develop our product vision and own the architecture and development of significant parts of the front-end. Some of the day-to-day challenges include:

  • Understanding and innovating within highly regulated domains

Making a simple and delightful product experience from a complex set of business rules

  • Building simple, clean well-factored code

Tying our AI and messaging to build a better conversational platform to interact with our customers

  • Making all this work at scale so working Americans can keep more of what they earn

Who you'll work with

As part of this role, you’ll get to work directly with our repeat entrepreneur founders and the rest of the Alice team. Our team has previous experience from awesome places like Adobe, CBS, Handshake, and Lending Tree. We’re supported by super smart advisors from Company, are of the CFSI FinLab and have notable investors including Notation Capital and Trinity Ventures.

How you should be qualified

  • You want to go back to a Series A stage startup or you are super ready to be challenged at your first startup.

You have built or dream about building a consumer-facing product in a regulated domain

  • You can navigate the ever changing world of JavaScript and are pretty nifty with React, but it's not the only tool you know to get the job done well (and fast)
  • You care, really care about your customers' experience. It's not about pixel perfect, it's about giving delight in the little things

You think money is an important challenge in the lives of everyone and you want to solve that for people especially hourly workers

  • You pride yourself on your ability to communicate complex concepts or code to anyone who’ll listen, whether they’re technical or not

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Posted 20.12.2018