Senior Front End Developer

Posted 24.11.2021
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The product itself is an online platform that; analyses the design and manufacturability of a product, provides cost optimization recommendations, provides only the most competitive quotes and allows ordering of custom manufactured parts through an easy to use interface. Our main customers are Product Designers, Design Engineers and Purchasing Departments who often get recommended by peers through word of mouth.

Check our the platform and view a video of the platform in action here:

Product Roadmap:

We are currently undergoing exceptional growth and as a result, infrastructure and automation is a huge priority for the business. We have cutting edge products for our suppliers, our customers and internally that we are currently working on. From; UI/UX performance testing, Object Character Recognition, Computational Geometry Analysis, Machine Learning and predictive analytics, through to server scaling, TDD and CI/CD that is to be unrivalled. This means that we are working of fundamentally innovative and exciting solutions to enable exponential scale, committing quality code regularly.

Platform Roadmap:

With multiple new products being started and released this year we are primed to take advantage of what we have learned to date. Performance of the users experience at the forefront, as we look to handle the scale. Front end design overhaul, Multi-lingual, AI tools and products are all being be created now and implemented this year.

Technologies used:

  • We work in 2 week sprints in an Agile Methodology
  • Vue.js, vuex
  • Vue Router
  • SASS
  • Laravel framework
  • TDD and/or BDD
  • Gitlab
  • Wordpress
  • Restful API’s
  • Google Cloud Platform/ AWS (GCP,AWS)


  • Experience in automated testing (Jest and Cypress)
  • Experience with ThreeJS and the HTML Canvas element
  • Worked with Docker/Kubernetes
  • Previous experience of continuous integration
  • Additionally we have a Python based Microservice that forms a proprietary product for computational geometry and graphics, any experience with this would be a bonus but not essential.


  • Tackle the challenge of online manufacturing automation through innovative software solutions that interface with all components of our users; Customers, Suppliers and Internal Teams.
  • Contribute towards the development of scalable and high quality technologies, using best practices and documentation for first class internal communications
  • Build new concepts and ground-breaking solutions that shape the future of the 4thIndustrial Revolution
  • Design and Develop products and services to significantly improve operational efficiencies

We’d love it if you have:

  • A hunger to learn
  • A huge desire to achieve
  • The ability to work in a fast moving meritocracy where every employee looks to constantly improve themselves and their company


  • Our core values are; Customer Experience, Transparency and Commitment.
  • These core values ensure we work smart and create an environment where our focus on delivery is clear. We are also hugely sociable! We have a bi-weekly social calendar, weekly team lunches and a
  • A career with Geomiq will expose you to the bare-bones of a highly ambitious and entrepreneurial technology company, so if your interested in creating the future, not just talking about it, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Healthy budget for learning resources such as books, courses, online learning platforms etc. We have an internal training meeting bi-weekly usually led by peers or a guest visitor.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free in-office 3D printing
  • Tasty stocked kitchen with snacks & treats
  • An extra day off for your birthday
  • Competitive pay
  • 30 days holiday
  • A sociable team with weekly office events
  • Awesome industrial style office space (You will see at interview!)
  • We get to work with the most innovative and world leading minds
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Posted 24.11.2021