Senior Front End Developer

Posted 30.11.2018
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Hypothesis is seeking a Senior Front End Developer to join our product delivery team. The person hired for this role will work with the product delivery team to develop and ensure delivery of Hypothesis technologies and services in support of our vision; to bring a conversation over all knowledge. Join us as we extend what the web can do.


In this role, you will help build systems, browser-based software, and user interfaces to support annotation of web pages and other media. You will focus on solving user needs by contributing to the frontend codebase.

The following is a sampling of the technologies we currently use (if you’re already familiar, great, but please don’t take these as prerequisites):

  • JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Python, Pyramid, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
  • AWS, Docker, Ansible This role reports to the Engineering / Product Manager.

About you

You are someone who loves problem solving. You value simplicity over complexity. You take great satisfaction in helping others be successful and productive, and wouldn’t think to move on without documenting your work so 6-months-from-now you (or anybody else for that matter) can drop back in and understand it.

Skills and experience you possess

A solid understanding of the web platform and how browsers work

  • A good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Familiarity with architectural patterns and tools used to build modern web applications
  • Experience profiling and debugging web applications
  • Experience working with developers of open source projects to resolve bugs or make improvements
  • Your documentation and verbal communication skills are excellent, and you’re able to collaborate and rally support with people on and off your team
  • You have productive habits, healthy process awareness, and good teamwork skills and instincts


You will thrive at Hypothesis if you:

  • Love learning new things
  • Are committed to improving both as a technologist and a human being
  • Are tenacious, self-directed, and highly motivated
  • Have strong problem-solving skills
  • Have excellent, people-friendly written and verbal skills
  • Are as adept at collaborating with designers as you are with backend developers
  • Enjoy helping others around you grow as developers and be successful
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Approach your work with a mindset that allows for growth and change

What’s next

Does this sound interesting? If so, drop us a line to tell us what about this role intrigues you and why you think you would be a great fit for Hypothesis. Resumes are helpful as are examples of your work, whether code, writing, or anything else that you think is relevant to being a developer. We can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Remote with preference given to candidates between UTC-8 and UTC+1
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Posted 30.11.2018