Senior Front End Developer

Posted 10.12.2018
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InnoVint is a web application that powers many US wineries' winemaking operations. We are looking for an excellent Front End Developer specifically well versed in Angular, Typescript, and CSS. We've been in business for 5 years, we service over 350 wineries, and are generating enough revenue to sustain the company and grow indefinitely. Revenue continues to grow nearly 2x every year.

We are a large remote team of 6, with folks residing in SF, Napa, Portland, New York, and Winnipeg. Our employees contribute significant work to the platform remotely, from ski cabins in Tahoe to Brooklyn apartments. You'll have the freedom to set your own hours and work wherever pleases you, although we will meet up occasionally in the Bay Area and Portland. We plan for two trips a year where the full team gets together to discuss product, brainstorm, cook, and drink really expensive wine. Don't worry if your pallet is atrocious -- us engineers still struggle with it after all these years.

In terms of engineering problems, we are in a fascinating space -- the domain has unique and novel problems to solve. We frequently visit beautiful wineries to understand their challenges and then help deliver tangible solutions for their operations. We are a team of friends who thoroughly enjoy what we do.

You will be focused on advancing our critical Angular application, and are an excellent candidate if you stay up on all things Angular. Do you know what Ivy is? Are you excited about PWAs? Do you swear by Typescript? Your time will be spent on new feature development as well as the continued migration of our AngularJS codebase to Angular, all while working closely with our winemakers and product development team to implement the business logic that runs our web app.

Our current goals are to optimize data capture for our wineries, which includes storing their extensive analytics, integrating with hardware sensing companies, modeling complex winemaking activities, tracking costs, and furthering our slick digital work order platform.

You Should Have Extensive Experience And Knowledge Of: 

Angular & AngularJS. 


RESTful API Development for web applications


webpack experience 

backend technologies, specifically django and postgres

Our tech stack: 

Python/Django back end 

PostgreSQL DB 

Google cloud engine 

AngularJS & Angular4 web app 

Native iOS app (available on the app store) 

NGINX Bitbucket managed continuous deployment for all platforms

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Posted 10.12.2018