Senior Frontend Developer

Posted 03.02.2019
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Polarr is looking for a Senior frontend developer who're familiar with React as well as knowledge of WebGL to bring new interactive A.I. and graphic experiences to modern applications.

Benefits and perks: https://www.notion.so/polarr/Company-Perks-03664102040348dfa8da7c4c65deec6c

Our remote working culture: https://www.notion.so/polarr/Remote-Working-at-Polarr-fc20ac3d73314f7b918752807fd606d3

What do we do in Polarr - We discovered the power of mobile GPU computing through computer graphics, and later in Neural Networks. We think such mobility not only reduces cost of computing drastically, opens brand new use-cases that help consumer A.I. to cross its uncanny-valley, but more importantly, changed how private information can be processed, preserved and transferred. We want to be a key influencer of such evolution through making exciting products, meaningful user experience, and software building parts to help other developers to participate and benefit from our contribution.

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Posted 03.02.2019