Senior Full-Stack Developer

Posted 26.11.2018
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This position is in Greater Toronto Area and we are a distributed team, you will be working directly with the founding team. Feel free to work from home, we rather have you spend more time with you love ones than on traffic!

The Role: 

At CodeRecipe, you’ll be a senior full stack engineer who builds frontend and backend systems in serverless architecture. We're a small team, so you will be wearing multiple hats, fast iteration, and learning a ton along the way. 

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be doing: 

Leading the design and implementation of new features, based on feedback you or others collect from users 

Set metrics to measure the success of different features and improve the growth and retention of users 

Being both a creative/product and technical contributor, taking on leadership roles as we grow

Tech Stack: 

Backend: AWS serverless stack, elasticsearch 

Frontend: Angular 6, HTML5, CCS3, material

Bonus Points For: 

-Experience with GCP or other cloud provider beside from AWS 

-Experience with SEO 

-Prior experience in NLP or knowledge graph related projects 

-A body of work (not necessarily open source) that you’d be proud to show us during an interview, preferably one that’s reached real users 

-Ideally, you’ve built an exciting SaaS product and loved the satisfaction that comes with knowing that people around the world are using what you’ve created

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Posted 26.11.2018