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Posted 22.08.2019
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Swae is an inclusive decision-making platform combining anonymity, AI and collective intelligence to help users collectively build powerful bottom-up solutions to influence the decision-decision-making outcomes, while helping organizations unleash the creativity of their stakeholders, discover unrevealed truth, data and well crafted bottom-up solutions, so they can make more intelligent decisions around products, services, policies, and strategy. Our 1.0 product has been a responsive web app supporting bottom-up ideation, inclusive innovation and bottom-up decision making inside some very large organizations. We have successfully integrated this 1.0 version into various types and sizes of organizations - from small and large multinational companies to local and national associations and organizations – in order to demonstrate operational and commercial viability.

Based on the learnings and insights garnered, we understand the limitations of this 1.0 and are now ready to build Swae 2.0. We’re looking for a high-caliber senior full stack developer to help us with this.

This individual has strong expertise in Node.js, React, DevOps, and AWS.

This person will make sure new concepts are implemented correctly, are scalable, and are generating the right product results.

Broad Responsibilities: 

• Web development, product and feature development and AI integration into web app 

• Sprint Planning 

• Rapid prototyping of abstract concepts 

• Writing high-quality, maintainable, scalable and reusable code and libraries for future use 

• Writing and maintaining documentation to describe application development, business logic, coding, and testing 

• Contributing to the design of new features and enhancement 

• Producing a clean, responsive, graphically-rich, functional and easy to use web UI without a dedicated designer 

• Writing and maintaining documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections

Qualifications & Requirements 

• Minimum 5+ years full-stack experience, with experience architecting and building scalable applications from end-to-end 

• Portfolio of front-end work (Demonstrated experience in building simple-yet-powerful user interfaces) 

• Comfort with the entire web development process (design, development, deployment) 

• Strong proficiency in Node.js, React, NoSQL databases 

• Expert knowledge of Python, Django, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript 

• Enjoy writing unit tests 

• Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD) and agile development methodologies 

• Expertise with AWS 

• Experience with DevOps tasks including CI/CD 

• Demonstrated ability to write manageable, modular, and secure code along with automated unit tests 

• Excellent collaboration and communication skills 

• Ensuring product quality, maintainability, performance, scalability and extensibility

Extra Points 

• Experience working on data science, or any kind of AI/NLU/NLP projects (e.g. working experience in Python software development, Python Packages and Libraries) 

• Understanding of modern methods in NLP tasks and latest libraries, e.g. language recognition, stemming & morphological segmentation/parsing, text categorization, clustering, summarization etc. 

• Passion for inclusive decision-making, decentralization, institutional, political or organizational innovation and/or governance 

• Experience working in a startup environment

Key Traits 

• Energized by complex problems, working with new technologies and unconventional thinkers 

• Trustworthy, empathetic, and mature - ability to form meaningful working relationships 

• Strong sense of ownership. No excuses attitude to getting things done (founder mentality) 

• Hacker mentality; Comfortable with experimental approaches to product and feature development; enjoys prototyping, demonstrated through examples and portfolio 

• Hunger for knowledge. We encounter the unknown on a daily basis :) 

• Has track-record for picking up new technologies 

• Excellent communication skills 

• Have deep empathy for others


• Node.js 

• React/Redux 

• Javascript 

• Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

• NoSQL databases 

• DevOps 


Start Date 



Compensation is contingent based on the successful candidate’s experience.

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Posted 22.08.2019