Senior Full Stack Engineer

Posted 18.08.2019
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The role 

We are looking for a seasoned full-stack engineer to build out and manage our entire web infrastructure. Our project entails implementing our pre-approved UI, constructing our API, connecting the two, and setting up our server infrastructure. This includes all associated areas such as database and architecture design. Successful candidates will have a minimum of three years’ recent experience with all of the skills listed below.

What you’ll do 

  • Design and implementation of the overall web architecture 
  • Design and deployment of our database 
  • Ensuring the entire stack is designed and built for speed and scalability 
  • Design and construction of our REST API 
  • Design and implementation of continuous integration and deployment

What we’d like 

  • Web fundamentals (HTML, JavaScript/JQuery and CSS) 
  • NodeJS/Webpack 
  • Experience with serverless technologies such as API Gateway backed by AWS Lambda 
  • Extensive experience with Javascript in React, Redux and Express 
  • Strong relational and schemaless DB design in Postgres and Mongo 
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors, bundlers, and associated languages/syntaxes/libraries

Tech Stack 

  • Node.js / Express Services 
  • React / Redux Client Applications 
  • AWS Services like API Gateway, DynamoDB, EC2 
  • HTML / CSS / Javascrip​t
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Posted 18.08.2019