Senior Full-Stack Javascript Engineer

Posted 08.12.2021
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As a growing software agency, our mission is to help our clients crush their engineering goals while staying on budget. Our agile software engineering groups are staffed by smart, hard-working engineers who work to deliver great results in aggressive timelines.


We are a fast, tight-knit group of highly-experienced technical individuals, both in code and business experience. Our team has launched multiple startups, many of which have been purchased by Fortune 1000 - 100 companies. We have experience building everything from ETL engines to highly polished native mobile applications. We are a team that works hard, works fast, and expects great results.

The base salary range below represents the low and high end of the salary range for this position. Actual salaries will vary and may be above or below the range based on various factors including but not limited to location, experience, and performance. The range listed is just one component of Take2's total compensation package for employees. Other rewards may include quarterly bonuses, Long Term Incentives, an open Paid Time Off policy, and many region-specific benefits.

Base Salary Range: $115,000 - $180,000 USD


As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, you would work with a team to build cutting edge web, mobile, cloud and server applications. You would be responsible for ensuring all development requirements would be met with each engineering request, to the highest standard. You would be responsible for reporting your progress on a daily basis to leadership and your team. Additionally, you would provide opinions on architectural solutions and implementation guidance on a regular basis, while helping serve to ensure code quality is maintained across your application suites.

You would provide technical leadership (and occasionally, individual contributions) to all client projects and teams, and would serve as an advisor to leadership on all technical fronts.

In short, you will...

  • Build amazing web, mobile, server and cloud applications with Javascript
  • Collaborate, inspire, and influence to make sure your team is successful
  • Partner with other developers to build amazing products on great timelines
  • Establish great rapport with other members of your development team and maintain high levels of visibility, efficiency, and collaboration
  • Ensure best practices, testing, and modern patters are used in web, mobile and server side applications


You are someone who is looking for an opportunity to shape the future of a young, but profitable organization. You enjoy working with people on challenging ideas and are not afraid to jump in and drive those ideas to its eventual conclusion. You have a strong point-of-view both in product direction and technology architecture and have had demonstrable successes in the past. You like to take calculated risks based on previous experience and feel accountable for the outcome. You like to base discussions on the merits of data as opposed to personal bias. You enjoy leading teams, are always looking to level up their capabilities, both individually and as a group, and care deeply about their well-being. You like to coach individuals and leaders and help them accomplish their own career goals. You are highly organized, and consistent in your calendar, schedule and board maintenance.


  • You are honest
  • You are hard-working
  • You are self-motivated
  • You communicate well
  • You like working in small strike teams


  • You have full-stack experience
  • You have Node.js, AWS Infrastructure or GraphQL experience
  • You have led your own team in the past
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