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Posted 28.05.2019
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Job description

We are looking for Senior Java Developer who is going to join Integration Team at Hazelcast. Our main focus as Integration Team is integrating Hazelcast into various frameworks,products and platforms which are available both open source or commercially in the market

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Working as an Open Source Developer in your day job
  • Learning/Developing latest technologies and popular frameworks.
  • Creating well crafted and thoroughly tested features, taking full-responsibility from the design phase
  • Paying attention to all aspects of code quality, from clean-code, to allocation-rates
  • Delivering a technical presentation at a conference

At Hazelcast you will work with the best engineers out there:

  • Who integrates Hazelcast to other popular frameworks.
  • Who are public speakers in tech conferences
  • Who are working in a distributed geographically team

With hazelcast.org you will work on an exciting open-source project that rocks the scene of distributed caching and computing

Skills & Requirements

We would like you to:

  • Be a Senior Java Engineer – including all aspects connected to it
  • Be experienced with Spring Boot,Spring Data, Spring Cloud and similar Spring Modules
  • Have experience with Enterprise Java Technologies like Tomcat,Hibernate
  • Have experience in React and single page web applications.
  • Have an strong attitude of How stuff works in open source frameworks
  • Be skeptical yet always open to new concepts
  • Have strong opinions about software quality
  • Be an excellent communicator in written and spoken English
  • Be familiar with Continuous Integration/Delivery platforms like Jenkins.
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Posted 28.05.2019