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Senior Java / JavaScript developer

Posted 03.02.2019
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We are currently looking for specialists who would make part of our development team as senior developers for one of these two positions:

  • backend - Java enterprise/algorithm engineer
  • front-end - JavaScript + Java FULL-STACK web-tier expert

We principally search for rock-solid down-to-earth craftspeople who value their and our time and want to work on some interesting stuff in a comfortable environment. We offer no-nonsense management, flexibility, independence, results-based over facetime-based, no bureaucracy, well-organized environment and brain-challenging tasks.


The open vacancy is for a permanent position of backend or full-stack developer at a distributed Java/JavaScript-based platform hosted on cloud services, whose core architecture is built on Java EE 7 (Glassfish/Payara/Tomcat + relational database) with a broad range of libraries, services and APIs integrated (Lucene, Flink, TensorFlow, GeoData, Saxon, Amazon/Google APIs, etc), while its presentation tier is written mainly in HTML5/CSS3/jQueryover the Struts2 framework.

We gradually expand it with auxiliary Big Data components (Elastic Search, NoSQL) on the backend side and graphic/animation libraries on the front-end (SVG, Sigma, WebGL).


  • Java 5+
  • JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3 (front-end position only)
  • SQL (mySQL or Oracle or Postgres)
  • Glassfish / Payara (alternatively Tomcat, JBoss / WildFly, Weblogic, WebSphere or similar)
  • XML / jSON
  • Spoken and written English


  • Java EE (EJB, JPA / JDO, SOAP)
  • Lucene (alternatively Solr or ElasticSearch)
  • Flink (alternatively Giraph, Neo4j or other graph processing platform)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra or HBase)
  • TensorFlow (or other AI technologies)
  • 2D / 3D layouting algorithms
  • XSL
  • Struts2 / JSP (or similar Java web framework)
  • jQuery
  • WebGL
  • A-Frame / Unity (or other VR or WebVR platform)
  • SVG / HighCharts / Sigma
  • Linux /Unix
  • Eclipse / IntelliJ
  • Ant / Gradle
  • Python
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Posted 03.02.2019