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Senior Javascript Developer

Posted 26.11.2018
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We’re looking to hire a senior Javascript engineer for our team. This person would work within our development team to add and improve on features and to help build brand new products that we're working on.

Who are SuperHi?

We make online courses and tools that make learning new skills easier. SuperHi’s mission is to give creative and curious people the tools and techniques to bring ideas and work to life online.

We think that education should be accessible to all, whatever your financial situation; that we won’t know how good technology can be until everyone has equal chance to participate; that diverse backgrounds and experiences working in the creative industries is crucial; that complementing whatever you're good at with new skills is a clear advantage; and that learning should be practical, fun as well as stress-free for the best chance to make it stick.

We think that we should all work harder to ensure skillsets are distributed representatively in the creative and tech industries. We're proud and humbled that our current students are 51% female, 1% non-binary and 48% male from a wide range of backgrounds and nearly eighty countries. They make amazing sites and we also get better learning outcomes because we're online-first.

We’re a proudly remote team with people located in New York, London, Toronto and Dundee.

Job Description

You'll be working on some brand new features and tools to improve the educational side of SuperHi (top secret!) and to upgrade current tools we teach thousands of students with.


  • You'll be working on tools and features to onboard and improve the experience of current and future students, and to help automate educational processes
  • Being a role model to thousands of students taking our coding courses – no egos please!

Who you'll work with

  • Rik Lomas, CEO — You'll also work closely with Rik, the founder and CEO, to work out best plans for upcoming products and features that we launch
  • Ryan Smith, lead developer — You'll work closely with Ryan to collaborate on the best ways to implement new and updated features that will help improve student experience


  • 3+ years experience working with Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Experience working with Javascript frameworks on complex, production-ready projects – we use Ember.js and React on our projects, but knowledge of Vue, Angular, Backbone or similar libraries is fine
  • Strong understanding of Javascript, including modern ES6+ style coding
  • Experience of working with APIs and asynchronous programming
  • Excited by the internet and keep up with new technologies
  • Strong communication and written English skills
  • Strong empathy skills – we teach a lot of beginners who are new to skills like design and coding so someone who can empathize and create features to help our students


  • Experience of working on creative and/or developer tools – the tools you'll be working on will help thousands of people make things
  • Experience of working remotely


  • As a remote team, we adhere to a similar style salary system to how Buffer calculate salaries
  • We offer health, dental and vision insurance for US employees
  • We offer a stipend to get a workspace local to you if you prefer not to work at home
  • Paid sick and vacation days
  • Company provided equipment (laptop, screens, standing desks, etc.)

We are an equal opportunities employer and we welcome anyone of any gender, race, sexuality, ability, background, age, etc. to apply. Diversity and inclusion is very important to SuperHi – our students come from all walks of life and our team should reflect that too.

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Posted 26.11.2018