Senior JavaScript Engineer

Posted 30.11.2018
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We are looking for a creative mind!

A creative mind cannot merely be instructed to thrive, as such you have the opportunity to select your projects and use your ideas to improve our ever evolving work-flows, on any front.

We are looking for a personality!

Nobody is perfect - we see knowledge gaps as a challenge to learn together. We work as a real team, so you always get help when you need it, but also help return the favor to the team. We are looking for hard working and fun personalities who are never just happy with the status quo… if the status quo can be improved.

We are looking for a JavaScript Engineer “by Heart"!

We truly love the challenge and ever changing landscape that is JavaScript. Although ECMAScript 6 is not for every client, we also feel the excitement of what is around the corner.

We are looking for a new member of our development team that would bring an excellent understanding of JavaScript in more than one arena and in both ES5 & ES6 format. We need someone with enough experience behind them, to have weathered the hypes of a few JS frameworks to know what floats and what does not! You bring a passion for new code and keep your eyes on the fringe for the upcoming new tricks.

What we expect from you:

ES5 & ES6 - jQuery & “vanilla JS” 

Angular 1 

React, Angular2 or Vue2 

Node.js 6+ 

You know when to use lodash 

Webpack, Babelify & Gulp 

e2e testing 

JavaScript unit testing 

Can work with TDD techniques and without. 


Bootstrap, Material Design or another mainstream CSS framework 

You don’t like LESS ;) 

UX understanding and you don’t think 

Dependency managers, bower & npm. 

Git (gui or cli) 

A team player with Agile experience with either KanBan or Scrum. 

Very good English Language Skills or excellent German language skill 

It would be nice, but not necessary, that you bring the following:

Atlasian suite: Jira, Confluence & Bitbucket 

LAMP, MEAN, MERN, ELK stack(s) 

You know your way around a linux server 

PHP frameworks: Laravel / Symfony or another mainstream framework 

Database experience in NoSQL & MySQL. 

The NodeJS Express framework

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Posted 30.11.2018