Senior Javascript Engineer

Posted 10.03.2021
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As a JavaScript engineer on the Observability team, you'll primarily be working on the dedicated UIs and APIs in Kibana devoted to integrations and agent management. You'll be working with the UI team, and product management to build high quality, intuitive and innovative UIs and robust API to drive the Fleet experience.

Engineering philosophy

We believe that engineering complex, pluggable software for the web that is built to last the test of time is both tricky and exciting. Doing so requires a team of diverse individuals, with sharp minds and the ability to empathize with our users, working together with mutual respect and a common mission.

We care deeply about giving you full ownership of what you're working on. Our company fundamentally believes great minds achieve greatness when they are set free and are surrounded and challenged by their peers, which is clearly visible throughout our organization. At Elastic, hierarchy does not determine how decisions get made. We feel that anyone needs to be in the position to comment on anything, regardless of their role within the company.


  • Work on new and exciting Elastic products.
  • Develop the Integrations,Agent Management UIs and APIs in Kibana.
  • Collaborate with fellow JavaScript engineers.
  • Collaborate with product design, server team, agent engineers and the Kibana team.

Skills & Requirements

  • Comment start Strong JavaScript programming skills
  • 5+ years of full stack development work
  • Experience with one modern MVC style JS Framework
  • Experience with React and Typescript
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience writing automated tests
  • Ability to work in a fast paced start-up environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, a great teammate with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Strong preference for Open Source experience
  • Ability to work independently
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Posted 10.03.2021