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Senior Mobile App Developers

Posted 05.10.2022
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Born in 2012, Hadron is a specialized IT recruitment company operating in European market.

We support some of the top & upcoming Companies across different Industries, with the best IT professionals in the market, ensuring they are well-evaluated and well-fitted and work on both permanent and contracting opportunities. We are looking for one of our clients a Senior Mobile Developer in Cyprus. You will have a unique and exciting opportunity to join a dynamic company, committed to delivering value-added services!

Main Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Conceptualizing and formulating apps that are suitable for use on all types of Android and iOS devices.
  • Implementing measures to safeguard users' data.
  • Ensuring that the construction and presentation of your apps are congruent with the company's standards.
  • Proofreading your code and correcting mistakes before each app is released.
  • Collaborating with UI and UX Designers, as well as Software Testers, to ensure that each app is presentable and in perfect working order.
  • Monitoring app reviews to detect areas for improvement.
  • Creating app updates, including bug fixes and additional features, for release.


  • Proficient with Flutter.
  • Experience as an iOS or Android Developer minimum 3 years.
  • Excellent coding and proofreading skills.
  • Firebase – push notifications, dynamic links, analytics, etc.
  • Performance/memory profiling.
  • Experience building efficient and responsive UI, Constraint Layout.


  • Understanding of Android SDK, Kotlin, Java.
  • Understanding of iOS SDK, Swift, C++.
  • Understanding of message brokers, message driven.
  • Experience with high performance and low latency applications.
  • Experience within the FX industry or Financial Services on a similar financial field will be considered a major advantage.

Other Professional Requirements:

  • Strong team player within a team of specialists.
  • Diligent and detail-oriented person.
  • Impeccable character.
  • Strong commitment and sense of urgency.
  • Able to lead complex projects in a high-paced environment.
  • Outstanding quantitative and problem-solving skills.
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Posted 05.10.2022