Senior Node.js Developer

Posted 25.02.2020
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Necessary skills: 

  • At least 3 years of experience as a Backend developer 
  • Experience in developing Node applications for at least 1 year 
  • Excellent understanding of HTTP, TCP, REST, security principles (RBAC, CORS, OAuth, JWT, SQLi)
  • Knowledge of Linux CLI 
  • Experience setting up CI / CD 
  • Experience with relational databases (we use PostgreSQL), knowledge of SQL syntax 
  • Confident knowledge of git 

You have a high chance of getting a job if you can say at least some of the following about yourself: 

  • You have experience in development through tests (TDD) 
  • Worked with microservice architecture 
  • Have experience with Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Redis 
  • Worked with AWS services (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Lambda, VPC, IAM), or Google Cloud (we use AWS) 
  • Worked with statically typed languages (that’s even better if you worked directly with Typescript) 
  • Have experience as a Lead developer 
  • You have a GitHub account with cool projects, or you have contributed to popular open-source repositories
  • You have experience working with frontend 

Why we’re cool:

  • An international startup with Russian origin, whose last round of investments amounted to $3,000,000. We are growing rapidly, and everyone who is actively working can meet their ambitions in both salary and career growth.
  • A team of enthusiasts who stand for beautiful and high-quality code, constantly experiments with new technologies and approaches, including functional programming, serverless infrastructure, and much more. 
  • There are no supervisors and time tracking. Everyone works in a flexible schedule, as it is convenient for them. The main thing is the result. 
  •  There's no bureaucracy. The company's culture is aimed at encouraging initiative. If you do cool things, encourage other developers, and only do what you believe in, you're in the right place with the right people. 
  • No open space. We work in a comfortable coworking in the center of Moscow (Mendeleevskaya), that is just 6 steps from the metro. 
  • Salary varies from $4 000 to $5 500 Net (and might be even more if you are cool)
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Posted 25.02.2020