Senior Platform Architect/Engineer

Posted 19.12.2018
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We are looking for a senior platform architect/engineer for researching, developing and integrating various best of class solutions and data platforms into our enterprise level real time cloud computation environment. 

You will need to drive design of flexible interfaces that allows ease of integration of new components while minding the loss of performance in terms of data throughput, memory, CPU and scale-ability.

The main code base is in Java and you should have:

6+ years of Java development experience.

Able to use software best practices and design of interfaces

Tools that you should be familiar with: Python, Storm, Spark, R, Hadoop, SQL, Rabbit MQ, and Cassandra.

The role with involve coordination with local and external development teams to communicate architecture and design of flexible and efficient interfaces.

Keep track of schedule milestones, drive deliverable, and being proactive

Requirements: 3+ years of project leadership experience.

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Posted 19.12.2018