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Posted 04.12.2018
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Vamoos is a rapidly growing startup providing a technology platform to allow travel, relocation and hospitality businesses to deliver bespoke apps for their clients for any trip or event.

Every Vamoos created brings excitement and anticipation to the end user for their forthcoming event and allows businesses to have their brand exposed on end users’ devices.

The Vamoos apps are available in iOS, Android and Web versions, and there is a backend and API available to our partner businesses to ingest their trips and events into the apps.

This position is for a developer to develop the next version of the Vamoos backend.

The current version is based on Ruby, PostgreSQL and Redis, running on AWS, utilising S3, EC2 and Lambda.

The backend consists of three components: The mobile app API, the external partner API and the partner backend (where our partners maintain their Vamoos entries)

The new developer would be focusing on a gradual rewrite of the current backend into a microservice architecture, with a focus on scalability, both in terms of customer numbers but also functionality growth. The developer will act as the primary/sole backend developer, and will be expected to communicate with app developers and QA team members.

The specific setup, language choice and tools would be discussed between the new developer and our CTO, which has more than twenty years of experience with software architecture and scalable cloud architecture, but does not get involved in day-to-day coding.

We’re looking for someone with at least:

  • 4 years of experience with either of Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby or Python
  • 3 years of experience with SQL databases, preferably PostgreSQL or MySQL, including experience with optimising database design
  • 3 years of experience on AWS, Google Cloud or similar platform(s)
  • An understanding of serverless and microservice architectures
  • 3 years of HTML/Javascript experience (for the administrative front-end)
  • Experience with Linux command line, GIT and basic server configuration


  • Prior experience working with mobile apps
  • Experienced with creating scalable web architectures
  • Some Ruby on Rails experience (to read/understand the existing code)
  • Experience with creating highly optimised code, memory profiling and runtime analysis
  • Experience with AWS Lambda and S3
  • Experience with Continuous integration and software quality tools
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Posted 04.12.2018