Senior React Native Developer

Posted 22.08.2019
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We are looking for a React Native Developer with experience making high performance apps with an eye for design that is both comfortable developing our design system and helping speed up our state management.

If you're a list person, here are some of our expectations, listed:


  • An incredible and kind human being with beyond $ passions. 
  • Experienced React Native (Redux) engineer with asynchronous programming skills. 
  • Proficient in the consumption of REST APIs. 
  • Experience releasing to production with using XCode and Android Studio. 
  • Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to work unsupervised. 
  • Excellent organisational skills and sense of due diligence. 
  • Strong attention to detail. 
  • Able to maintain design systems built in React. 
  • Can-do attitude with the willingness to learn.

More you: 

  • Proficient with CSS and Styled-Components. 
  • Experience with Node.js, Rest APIs and GraphQL 
  • Understanding of performance optimisation, caching, security and energy consumption on mobile devices. 
  • Experience with developing for multiple screen sizes. 
  • Experience building animations and transitions. 
  • Focus on Test-driven development (TDD) and writing accurate tests using Jest and Detox. 
  • Experience in writing React-Native “native” components for the iOS/Android platforms (or experience in both iOS and Android app development). 
  • Good eye for design and building a great customer experience. 
  • Experience working within agile environments including Scrum/Kanban. 
  • Pair programming experience, willing to work collaboratively to both give and receive feedback within a shared code ownership team.

Bonus points: 

  • interest in working remotely 
  • experience with consumer based products 
  • Collaborated and maintained a React Native open source project


Feeld is an independent, experimental and fully remote organisation reshaping the dialogue on dating and sexuality. The company was founded 5 years ago and has evolved since to become the transparent, flat structure it is now. We don't believe in standard management, so we have a naturally agile and fluid culture. The whole team is fully remote, which means you work where and when helps you perform at your best. We're self-managed and treat our organisation as a product – we iterate, improve and test things internally to see what works best for everyone.

Some things we provide are:

  • flexible working hours 
  • unlimited holidays 
  • fully remote 
  • annual retreats 
  • equity options 
  • expense account 
  • training budget 
  • computer and home office equipment 
  • transparency - open data, open salaries, open equity 
  • access to the Feeld Flat in Porto, Portugal 
  • friendly humans
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Posted 22.08.2019