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Senior Software Developer - Frontend

Posted 16.04.2021
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Job requirements

We enjoy building products that businesses love, so if you are also excited about solving untackled challenges and passionate about our social mission, this is your opportunity to join us in building something bigger than ourselves.

As a Frontend Developer, you’ll be responsible for handling development on the frontend. You will work and collaborate directly with our product team to plan and build high-quality interfaces and model complex user interactions to support our rapidly growing user base.

In this role, you will be implementing new high-valued features on your own. You will also be expected to quickly learn and adapt to a variety of technologies—such as new frameworks and libraries that we work with. With that said, our team is very supportive if you need advice or help. Fostering an environment, where you have the ability to thrive is very important to us.

Naturally, you are going to be working closely with the team, it will be crucial that you can collaborate well with members and also show strong will in making product decisions. Strong communication skills and ability to clearly explain concepts (technical and non-technical) to others is also key.

As a frontend developer, you will:

  • Build complex web applications using the latest web tooling and modern JavaScript frameworks, including React.js & Redux,Typescript, RPC, and Node.js.
  • Work within a small team, collaborating with your colleagues (product manager, designer, backend/mobile engineers) to ship impactful products.
  • Use experimentation and data analysis to tune your web applications to be high-performing, intuitive, and functional.
  • Mentor, educate, and support those around you, as well as other web engineers within the company.


  • 4+years of full-time front end engineering experience with React and Javascript/Typescript/Flowtype
  • Strong understanding of HTTP, HTML, CSS, Web APIs, PWA, and other core Web technology concepts.
  • You have experience and passion for building complex, responsive, and beautiful web experiences that are well-tested, documented, and monitored.
  • You are adept at communicating and collaborating effectively with others, promoting your ideas as well as being humble when you may be wrong.
  • You are excited to learn from & teach others.


  • Typescript/Flowtype
  • React-JSS or styled-components
  • Jest & React-Testing-Library
  • React-Java/Spring
  • Greensock Animation Platform
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Posted 16.04.2021