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Posted 09.09.2022
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Opeepl is looking for a senior software developer to join our team. If clean code, design patterns and teamwork is something you’re passionate about, you may be the person we’re looking for. Joining our development team, you’ll be given the freedom to influence the direction of the tech stack a great deal. It’s also expected that you’re proactive and willing to take ownership of your work.


The Job

  • Contributing to the product vision and its roadmap
  • Improving the existing platform with additional features
  • Architectural design and development of new solutions from scratch
  • Be a part of technical discussions and decision
  • Managing development processes and code-reviewing
  • Learning and working with new technologies and languages


The Technology:

The main technologies we use are

  • PHP 7.4 framework (with plans of upgrading to PHP 8 when possible)
  • Independent node.js services
  • Hosted on AWS EC2, RDS and Fargate
  • Vue.js, SCSS and Webpack
  • Jenkins for CI


The Candidate:

  • Experienced in building complex and scalable systems from scratch, including designing the architecture
  • Team player with ability to engage with colleagues with different expertises
  • As a person you are thorough, self-driven and curious about technology
  • If you see a problem you’re more likely to want to fix it than work around it
  • Experienced in automated testing and CI
  • You have at least 3 years of professional experience
  • You have a bachelor or masters degree in computer science

Join the Opeepl team and help shape the innovative technology that allows companies to make informed decisions based on consumer insights. Notable clients include Google, Ford and Just Eat.

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Posted 09.09.2022