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Posted 04.06.2019
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Who we are

Bibliotech is an award-winning VC funded provider of an amazing eBook platform which meets the needs of students, faculty, and institutions. Our mission-driven team of 25 is changing the future of the multi-billion dollar textbook industry for the better and we are looking for talented people to join our team as we have a direct impact on the industry.

What our company culture is like

We encourage an atmosphere of integrity, diversity, collaboration, passion, and fun. At the end of the day, we know that our services will be a reflection of our company culture so we continuously work towards providing the best culture possible for our team. We have a remote first culture so lots of slack, google meet and communication with people who love flexibility but still want to be part of a team. You would come to London for a couple of weeks first to get to know everyone and then meet at our retreats ( Company and Dev)

What you would be doing

Helping us a build a platform that scales globally, is used by millions daily and delivers terabytes of information to students everywhere – Think Spotify for Textbooks, you can imagine the engineering challeges we face both at the front end of UX, but especially at our backend, major API integrations, performance, security, resilience, you will be working on it.

What you would need for this position

  • You have four (4) plus years in development with one (1) plus years working directly with Node.js
  • You have worked with various ORM packages and have a strong understanding of SQL
  • You have worked with cloud services specifically with AWS
  • You have worked with project management tools such as JIRA
  • You have excellent communication skills with technical and non-technical people

What experiences you might want to have

  • You have contributed to or have maintained node.js based open source GitHub projects
  • You have knowledge or working experience with the Express framework
  • You have worked with AWS Lambda functions as well as other services such as SNS, SQS, and S3
  • You have experience with integrating 3rd party services

While we are happy with remote, our preference is people within the GMT+-3 time zones, or US time zones +-2.

What is in it for you

You would receive a competitive salary, with many benefits such as medical insurance, stock options, travel card, and more. To promote a healthy work-life balance, we offer generous paid time-off and remote working opportunities. We believe in cultivating a fun, energetic, well-nourished team culture! At our office, we enjoy free top-shelf coffee, healthy snacks, birthday cakes, social and team sporting events, as well as offsite retreats. Best of all you would be part of our great team of people.

Our Application process

A quick call with our talent lead, design task and review with the team and then a full interview with our engineering team, company board leadership and then hopefully an offer and onboarding.

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Posted 04.06.2019