Senior Software Engineer

Posted 30.11.2018
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Do you love cycling? Do you love startups? Do you believe bike share and scooter share is disrupting transportation in cities in a positive way?

We do too.

Join us in building a solution that helps bike share and scooter share operators all over the world launch, manage, and grow their fleets through a white label enterprise software platform.

We’re a small but incredibly agile team, and we’re looking for someone who can wear many hats. If you’re not afraid of developing for hardware, have experience with front-end, back-end, and mobile apps, then you might be the full stack we’re looking for.

We have already launched and there may be an opportunity to travel to client locations. You will be working virtually, and you set your own hours (as long as they’re consistent). You’ll need to be a disciplined person to excel.

You will be responsible for owning a particular part of the product, while also having the opportunity to lead a small team. Lots of responsibility, but also lots of glory.

We are looking for someone who is experienced in building high functioning apps that manage lots of data. Our web app is built in EmberJS and the API is build in Laravel 5. We also have a TCP socket server and you get extra bonus point if you have experience here.

Skill Set (the more the merrier): 

• PHP 

• MySQL 

• Linux Apache2 

• Bluetooth 

• Swift 

• Java 

• AWS 

• Github

This is a Full time position with equity.

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Posted 30.11.2018