Senior Software Engineer

Posted 04.01.2019
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  • deliver software that works. Always. 
  • seek challenges, find and define problems and enjoy researching, tinkering and meticulously engineering solutions for the clients’ problems 
  • perfect code structure and style but know what to focus on if the deadlines require it 
  • work independently and consider quality code your highest responsibility 
  • perceive yourself as a generalist: 
  • you learn new tools, programming languages or technologies quickly if the task at hand calls for it. 
  • are a strong communicator and team player with a hands-on mindset

==Your role== 

  • You design, develop, test, debug, deploy, maintain and optimize software as part of an agile team. 
  • You work on all levels of software development, on exciting products, on hardware-/software interfaces, on embedded systems, on decentral systems, on video/audio processing and data analyses. 
  • You develop prototypes and proof-of-concepts as well as software which is already in production. 
  • You develop ideas and innovative solutions, write documentations and present those to your team.


  • MINT degree or similar job experience 
  • several years of programming experience in two or more of the following languages: 
  • Python, C++, C, Golang, Javascript 
  • ideally, experience in one imperative, one functional and on OOP language 
  • You are well versed in database systems, work with Git, use Docker and the cloud feels like home to you. 
  • You bring along stacks and technologies like GraphQL, React, Make and Webpack as well as process tools such as CI, Lint, PR, Feature Branch, Test Coverage – or you are able to pick those up quickly. 
  • Former experiences with Machine Learning, e.g. with Tensorflow or Scikit-learn, or CAx tools are a plus. 
  • You speak English.

==What we offer== 

  • projects that help you develop your skills and expand your portfolio 
  • a flexible home office policy, or work fully remote 
  • a young lovely team that supports each other and grows together 
  • a pleasant and relaxing workplace in a business-loft in Berlin 
  • full time or part time depending on your wishes 
  • the opportunity to visit conferences and get continuous education 
  • newest equipment: choose your own setup for your workplace and get your favorite gear
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Posted 04.01.2019