Senior Software Engineer

Posted 12.08.2019
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Job Description

OpenLattice is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join us in building the future of how core societal institutions leverage data to improve human outcomes. An ideal candidate will be able to collaborate on architecting and building core platform applications and tools used for managing data sets, data models, permissions, organizations, notifications, integrations, and other core platform services that support decision making, interventions, and research by public servants around incarceration, healthcare, and service delivery. As a Senior Engineer, you will be expected to drive the evolution of the building blocks that enable the rest of the team to be more effective and efficient while also providing technical leadership and mentorship to junior engineers.

Day to day:

  • Work with application engineering team to ensure that practices are consistent with company-wide best practices 
  • Drive the evolution of the core platform application suite including organization management, roles & permissions, data model management, data pipeline orchestration, and other upcoming platform wide features 
  • Establish processes, patterns, and best practices for building, testing, publishing, and deploying code 
  • Contribute to core platform projects and applications 
  • Participate in technical discussions and code reviews 
  • Mentor junior engineers and help with recruiting efforts

Required to have: 

  • 3+ years of experience developing production-ready web applications 
  • Proficiency with React, Redux 
  • Proficiency with JavaScript, HTML, CSS 
  • Proficiency with Git 
  • Fluency with Babel, Webpack, npm

Nice to have: 

- Experience with Kotlin, Java, or other JVM language 

- Experience with contributing to open source software 

- Experience with styled-components, redux-saga, Immutable.js, Flow, Jest

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Posted 12.08.2019