Senior Software Engineer

Posted 06.01.2019
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About OutboundWorks

OutboundWorks is an early stage, cutting edge outbound sales solution provider. We work with our customers to achieve their outbound sales goals by identifying Who to contactWhat to sayWhen to say it and executing on those insights. To achieve this we’re building a scalable platform that combines a combination of deep automation, data science and machine learning on a multitude of data sources.

We’re a distributed team with an office presence in downtown San Francisco, we value transparency, authenticity, doing what you say, and love above all.

About the Engineering Team

  • We are a small but growing distributed team of engineers, operating in the PST timezone.
  • We are responsible for evolving and supporting the core product – consisting of a Google cloud based Ruby on Rails solution and a browser extension
  • We are closely involved in day to day operations of the platform, collaborating cross-function and jointly taking ownership of ensuring customer goals are being met.
  • Our resources are divided between enhancing the platform – building automation, analysis and reporting tools – and analysing customer performance via a variety of data sources, performing experiments and exploring data science and other technical solutions to improve our customer’s performance.

About you

  • You have 5 or more years experience building scalable SaaS/Enterprise software in all areas of the typical web stack.
  • You proactive identify areas for improvement, owning design, review, build and release of new functionality.
  • You strive to build software using best practices – organised, modular, performant, testable and maintainable code.
  • You’re familiar working with large datasets, manipulating them, analysing them and storing them in optimal manner for its common use cases
  • You’re familiar with performing statistically sound experimentation, making hypothesis, executing and drawing conclusions.
  • You have experience with remote working and communicate clearly in written and video mediums, via tools such as Github, Slack and Zoom
  • You communicate your ideas and approach to solving problems with clarity
  • You engage in PR reviews as reviewer and reviewee with an open mind, providing and welcoming constructive feedback.
  • You ideally have experience training and running Machine Learning models
  • You ideally have experience working with MongoDB or similar NoSql data stores
  • You ideally have experience working with Ruby or similar backend language
  • You ideally have experience working with Javascript, React, GraphQL and SASS
  • Bonus if you have experience with Google Cloud Platform, DevOps (CircleCI), SFDC integrations and the Make build system.

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Posted 06.01.2019