Senior Software Engineer

Posted 16.05.2019
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We're looking for an experienced software engineer to join us!

Our product is a site builder that allows enterprise customers to use our WYSIWYG editor to publish websites that are consistently branded and accessible to only a chosen audience.

Founded in 2013, we have a stable and growing base of customers who love what we've made for them, and our small engineering team could use a leader to help us navigate that growth.

Our stack is AWS/MySQL/Python/React/LESS, with tools like Vagrant, Packer, Webpack, and CircleCI.


  • You would lead our small engineering team. You would do the following:
  • Work closely with company executives to determine clear short and long term priorities for the engineering team.
  • Identify gaps and risks in our engineering processes, and find ways to reduce them.
  • Work closely with each engineer in our small engineering team to help them meet their own goals and the goals of the company.
  • Add resources and people to our distributed engineering organization, as needed and within financial constraints.
  • Lead and improve on the rituals we have established for working together as a distributed team. At this point, this mostly means weekly sprint meetings and daily VoIP 10 minute checkins.
  • Participate in code review on our engineering projects for our AWS/Python/React stack.
  • Understand the systems running within Zoomforth, and the flexibility and constraints that we have when undertaking new challenges. Use that knowledge in collaboration with the rest of the company to keep us working on the right things.
  • Ensure that completed work is getting deployed and that our work is being communicated to others within the company that need to know.


  • Prior experience managing a remote team. 
  • Clear written and spoken communication. 
  • Software engineering experience on SaaS products (or similar). 
  • Skill working with AWS, Python, and/or React is highly desirable. 
  • Excellent decision making skills. Help us move fast!
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Posted 16.05.2019