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Posted 28.05.2019
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Job description

Miami based startup is hiring a Backend Developer to help us design, develop, and release our serverless B2B application. Our app is a traffic citation liability management tool, with the purpose of helping P2P car share and vehicle fleets find citations and we assess the correct liability on those citations. We have reached product-market fit and have our API being used by large car share and vehicle fleets.

Our technical Stack is mainly composed of Node.js, serverless framework, and many of the AWS components (SNS, SQS, S3, Lambda, and others). We understand that any good developer can learn any programming language so you don't have to be an expert or know Node.js.

Must have: know how to build distributed event source applications. Know OOD and or functional programming, SOLID principles, and TDD.

Good to have: JS ES6, serverless framework, CQRS, event source, functional programming, DevOps experience, APM, Domain-Driven Design.

This position will report directly to the CTO of the company and will work with the rest of the architect team to design and help drive the implementation of a highly available microservice application.

We are a small team, made up of 5 engineers. So if you're looking for somewhere where you can make an immediate impact, you should join!

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Posted 28.05.2019