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Posted 29.12.2018
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We are GovPredict, a Y Combinator-backed startup that has a singular goal: help our clients win their public affairs campaigns.

We’ve taken all the tech that’s used in public affairs campaigns (legislative monitoring, tech for launching grassroots campaigns, fly-in software, issue management, fundraising), built some unique tools (biggest database of campaign contributions in the world, monitoring municipal ordinances across thousands of cities), and put it all under one roof. We work with Fortune 100 companies, political action committees (PACs), Congressional offices, political campaigns, and more. Our clients include AIPAC, ASPCA, SEIA, 21st Century Fox, and many more.

GovPredict is on the forefront of increasing government transparency as well as shaping how politics and influence is done.

Our product and development team is distributed around the world and our sales + business development is in Washington, DC, USA.

Our Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Python scrapers, Postgres, Mongo, Redis, Elastic Search, AWS, RabbitMQ, Terraform, and Ansible.

About the Job

As a Software Engineer in Frontend, you will primarily write code for the ReactJS frontend of our Rails application that power many of our products. You’ll build new products we’re launching as well as upgrades and maintenance on our current suite of products. You’ll work in a small team of Rails and ReactJS engineers who will work together with you to build what’s needed. You’ll also work across teams with our data team when you are integrating a new data source into the platform. Even though we’re a fast-moving startup, we still have the resources like a dedicated dev-ops team, designers, and product managers to help you focus purely on coding. That said, our engineers still have a strong influence on product direction.

More generally, as an engineer at GovPredict, you will participate in many parts of the engineering organization as it grows and as you grow as a member of our team. We ask our engineers to not only write code but to help us improve the organization. You will provide feedback on engineering operations, weigh in on architecture decisions, interview new candidates, and help make GP a place you love to work at.

We are hiring all levels of developers — from junior to manager — so don’t be shy if you think you’re under or over qualified for the role. We’ll tailor the interview difficulty and evaluation process to the level you self-report.

You have the option of working remotely or from our Chiinu office.

Desired Qualifications

  • Strong technical background
  • Comfortable with automated software testing frameworks (like RSpec)
  • Desire to work with primarily Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
  • Can take a task from gathering requirements to deployment and maintenance
  • Able to communicate effectively in writing and orally in English
  • Eager to learn new things and apply them quickly
  • Ability to learn from more senior team members and guide more junior team members constructively
  • Willing to work full-time with some overlap on US business hours (8am to 6pm EST)

Engineering Culture

  • Smart team: Work amongst other strong developers that you can learn from
  • Remote work: Work from home wherever you live in the world
  • Office: If you live in Chisinau or Bucharest, you have the option of working from our offices there
  • New Technology: We stay up-to-date on new technology and readily employ it in new projects
  • New Data: Work with new data sources that no one else has worked with
  • Mentorship: We believe strongly in leveling up our team members through mentorship and will help you learn and become better as an engineer
  • Move Fast: Our team builds really fast and launches new projects all the time. It’s a fun environment to work in where you’ll never be bored
  • Friendly Team: Our team members take the team commitment seriously and will go out of their way to help you accomplish your tasks
  • Team Building: Every year, our entire development team goes to a new city to meet each other, do some work, and have a lot of fun together
  • Challenging & Interesting Tasks: We have a lot of complex tasks that are a lot of fun to solve

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Posted 29.12.2018