Software Engineer Full-Remote

Posted 13.01.2022
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What We're Building:

When you land on a website, do you know that there is an auction for every ad, based on your profile ?

We gather anonymous data from every auction, on website from all over the world. We process and aggregate a billion data in almost real-time in order to build powerful visualisations within our App.

We bring Publishers the opportunity to dig into their data and have transparency over their revenues. We provide them the ability to react and optimize their setup based on concrete and reliable data.

To deliver a product that customers love, we tackle and solve complex technical problems at scale, using the cloud and today’s best open source technologies.

How We're Building it:

Pubstack is built on top of a serverless cloud architecture, mostly powered by AWS.

We are polyglot, and we love to experiment new technologies and languages when we assume it will help us go further and faster.

  • The app is made of a Vue.js frontend and a Node.js backend, both written in Typescript.
  • The responsiveness of our App is ensured by an ElasticSearch cluster.
  • The almost real-time data processing pipelines hold components written in Rust, Golang and Python.
  • We rely on ci-cd with Terraform and Github actions.

In Order To Achieve Our Goal We Focus On The Following Core Concepts

Join a team coming from various horizons focused on delivering top quality software at a fast agile pace.

  • Remote first - We are a fully distributed team
  • Pairing - We are a fully resilient team
  • User oriented - We solve real users problems

We are a tech-hungry team that is willing to solve issues rather than doing tech for the sake of tech. We are aiming to be impactful for our customers but also for our teammates, here at Pubstack. We consider languages, frameworks and environments as tools to solve issues, not as an end goal. We try to keep our team structure as flat as possible and we believe in knowledge sharing and team-made decisions.

In this role you will:

  • Develop systems that ingest and process billions of events per minute
  • Own and support our data pipelines, remove scaling bottlenecks
  • Own meaningful parts of our customer experience
  • Implement compelling, usable UI and components
  • Write code, lead architectural decisions for new and existing services
  • Ensure the team consistently ships high-quality code and architecture

Who we are looking for:

  • Having a significant experience as a software engineer
  • Convinced that written and async communication are the keys to success in a remote team
  • Curious and open-minded while being able to speak out
  • Willing to learn, help your teammates and grow with the team
  • At ease speaking and writing in English
  • Keen to work in pair-programming all week long
  • Not afraid to make tough decisions that make Pubstack better both as a workplace and a product
  • Ready to work in a fast-paced, high-growth startup environment to build a disruptive product

Why join us:

  • Flat, agile & distributed team who believes in knowledge sharing and team-made decisions
  • Pair programming
  • A full-transparency internal communication
  • Ambitious, excellent in their field, humble and friendly colleagues
  • Internal events (regular off-sites)
  • A small company with a huge international growth
  • Competitive salary
  • Top-of-the-line gear

Our recruitment process:

  • Screening interview -- Google Meet - 30min
  • Tech Interview I: Pubstack demonstration, Candidate Questions, Human fit, Pairing session (2 Pubstackers - 1h30)
  • Tech Interview II: Human fit, More questions (2 others Pubstackers - 30mn/1h00)
  • Final Discussion (1 Pubstacker / HR - 30mn)
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Posted 13.01.2022