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Software Engineer

Posted 22.12.2018
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Who you are: 

You think kids are smart and funny. You want to learn from them and build tools to help them reach their potential. 

You go deep into hard problems and persist to find the solution. 

You’re never done learning. 

You ask lots of questions and pride yourself on coming up with good ones. 

You care about the product you’re building and want to make it better. You see yourself as a guardian of the user experience, not just the code. 

You’re a student of programming language history and want to help realize the dreams of the early computing pioneers. 

Learning how to write high-performing graphics code sounds exciting rather than daunting. 

You write tests and try to make your code easy to change. You hold yourself and your team to rigorous standards of code quality. 

You having processes for how you work and are always trying to make them better. 

You believe diversity makes stronger teams. You want to learn from and collaborate with people who bring multiple perspectives to the table. 

You want a job that isn’t limited by your title, you can pitch in wherever you see a need. 

You bring your whole self to your job and believe this is essential for doing great work.

What you’ll do: 

Write code for the Hopscotch runtime in Javascript (Typescript) with WebGL and PixiJS. 

Write code in Swift and Objective-C for the Hopscotch iOS editor and app. 

Occasionally write code for with the backend server in Ruby on Rails. 

Pair-program with the co-founder and CTO. 

Run the QA process to ensure that the app ships bug-free. 

Interact with kids on our forum to get bug reports and solicit testers.

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Posted 22.12.2018