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Posted 24.12.2018
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Northstar is a new kind of hybrid financial advisor — combining human financial experts with fully automated money movement. We guide you through key life events with Starter Packs that focus on the essential bank accounts. Then, each payday, Northstar calculates how much you can afford, and transfers the optimal amounts to pay off debt, save, pay bills, and invest. By combining the empathy of human advisors with the affordability of automation, Northstar democratizes the best financial guidance for everyone.

Northstar is a paid membership — you can sign up either as an individual or through your employer as a financial wellness benefit. We’re headquartered in SF, backed by top venture investors, and in market with paying customers.

We're looking to grow our engineering team at Northstar. As a software engineer, you’ll work on challenges unique to Northstar, including: 

• Building experiences that you are proud of – and can use daily to improve your financial life. 

• Crafting new features from the ground up to empower financial experts to do their best work in completely new ways. 

• Inventing and refining financial automation that directly improves people's lives.

Mission, Purpose, and Meaningful Work —

We founded Northstar on the belief that every person deserves the best objective, personalized, and affordable financial management. Banks and point solutions are biased, and therefore shouldn’t dictate how we use our money. In the face of overwhelming complexity, most of us do nothing with our money. This leaves 50% of Americans with less than $400 for emergencies, 50% without any retirement savings, and total student debt at over $1.5 trillion.

We founded Northstar to give everyone the full understanding and control of money they deserve. We’re doing this by creating a new default, where your money is automatically allocated with the expertise of a financial advisor, at an attainable and fair price. We hope to change our relationship with money from one of shame and ignorance to confidence and pride.

Everything we do goes hand in hand with our core principles. Money must be: 

• Accessible: We make financial best practices and management available to anyone, regardless of income or upbringing. 

- Relatable: We’ll always design for how real people think, not how banks think. 

• Foundational: We believe in solutions that help you stand on your own two feet, rather than creating reliance on stopgap solutions. 

• Aligned: We’ll never profit from our customers’ confusion. We’ll only give recommendations and make decisions that we would give ourselves.

Northstar is an incredibly ambitious vision, and we’re looking forward to seeing how you can join us in striving for these goals.

Your Key Responsibilities — 

• Architect and build features for Northstar users, participating from idea to production. 

• Take full ownership for engineering new solutions across all levels of the stack - Postgres, Rails, TypeScript, React. 

• Work directly with founders, and design team to reveal user needs and develop feature requirements.

Requirements — 

• Software Engineer who is passionate about building quality user facing experiences. 

• Enjoy being a generalist, ready to learn and build with the right tools for each problem.

Bonus Points — 

• Experience with JavaScript (TypeScript, React, and GraphQL) 

• iOS or Android engineering expertise

Company Values — 

• See the Big Picture: We aren’t successful unless our customers are financially healthy. 

• Bias Towards Action: In the face of ambiguity, we take ownership and go the extra mile. 

• Diversity of Backgrounds and Opinions: A wider range of perspectives definitively results in a better result. The more voices, the better the ideas and execution. We’ve faced the same financial problems that our customers face. 

• Respectful and Upfront: The best collaboration happens in the natural tension of strong opinions, weakly held – when you respectfully speak your mind, and work together to as a team to achieve a higher solution.

Company Benefits — 

• We believe you do your best work when you’re not financially stressed, so we offer competitive cash compensation, significant early equity with fully transparent terms, and of course a free Northstar membership. 

• 401(k) plan with access to the best low-cost index funds 

• $100 monthly commuter reimbursement 

• 100% covered, top of the line medical, dental, and vision insurance 

• Flexible vacation policy, with unlimited vacation days and minimum vacation days 

• Flexible work-from-home / remote work schedule 

• A budget to customize your workstation exactly the way you like it 

• Proactive career planning with the founders

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Posted 24.12.2018